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Argent are supporting the Third Annual National Summit hosted by Govtoday


Govtoday presents Carbon Reduction 2011: The Transition to a Low Carbon Economy, our Third Annual National Summit, which will be held on 29th November at The Brewery, The City of London.

Becoming a low carbon economy will be one of the greatest changes our country has ever known. But it is a change for the better, for our economy, our society and for the planet. This Carbon Plan shows how, together, we can make it happen.

Carbon Reduction 2011 is Govtodays Annual Summit providing analysis of the UKs overall progress on this agenda and this year focuses on the new schemes and policies to be introduced by the Government to drive our low carbon energy future, increase resource efficiency, reduce waste and through embedding sustainable practices, build our Green Economy for the future.

The Draft Carbon Plan, published in March 2011, sets out actions and deadlines going forward. The final Live Carbon Plan will be published in October 2011 and will be updated annually.

At the heart of this Plan is the transformation of the way we generate and use energy in order for the UK to achieve the 15 per cent EU target by 2020.

Argent are encouraged to see the renewed emphasis on mainstreaming sustainable practices in operations and procurement, adapting and mitigating against climate change whilst simultaneously promoting the UKs Green Economy.

Join us at Carbon Reduction 2011 for a unique insight into current policy on tackling the long-term effects of climate change and get a chance to evaluate the solutions for delivering the UKs carbon reduction strategy over the next five years.

Published on: August 16, 2011

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