Maintaining your systems

We not only treat ‘symptoms’, but go further to identify causes. This helps deliver the most efficient solutions – that reduces running costs and environmental impact.

We understand the importance of compliance and are meticulous with maintenance regimes to ensure we mitigate risks for our clients.

We work in all types of environments and our customer care policy not only ensures our engineers conduct themselves appropriately, but that we support the smooth running of our clients’ operations through clear, timely and effective response methods.

Our Computer Aided FM (CAFM) system gives our clients direct, real time access to data and confidence that tasks are being carried out according to our contractual obligations.

Where we made a difference:

    With a North London Council, we achieved a 100% reduction in the time taken to repair/refurbish the air conditioning units through ‘hot swapping’ protocols. When working at a community museum and library we specified a new Building Management System which resulted in a 50% energy saving. For an NHS Trust, we identified that 70% of the units were switched on for 24 hours a day and returned them to more energy efficient regimes. Our maintenance regimes for a large mental health campus led to the call out rate reducing by 45% over the course of the contract.