Decommissioning reviews

When we decommission a building we take into account a range of issues:

  • disposal of waste, including hazardous substances;
  • separation of services (where separate buildings on a campus are required to be switched to become independently serviced);
  • decommissioning voids in a manner that allows them to return to full functionality within hours;
  • protection from damp and deterioration.

For one corporate client, we underwent a large decommissioning programme as they were organising a move away from their headquarters site.

During decommissioning it was important to maintain the same levels of security and high standards associated with their global corporate profile.

We implemented a 24 hour manned programme with camera sensors and maintain all the occupied areas. We supervised their subsequent decant and where appropriate, the decommissioning of the buildings. We also separated the services between the north and south campus to be independent of one another.

Integrated and programmed random lighting makes the unoccupied buildings appear occupied and easier to market. Our void building strategy evaluates the most energy efficient way to do this. All ‘core’ lighting is decommissioned and we run a random lighting programme through the CAFM. The plant is also programmed to run in most economical way – just warm enough to offset damp. All maintained void buildings can be made operational in 24 hours.